International Business Intelligence Data Platform

International Business Intelligence Data Platform is online Internet platform, which shows you clear and operational data analysis reports closely related to international trade. Global import and export data includes fields like HS code, goods description, origin country, destination country, amount, quantity, weight, port and so on. Log in Tradedataeasy’s customs database website, enter the first six digits of HS codes, then you can browse customs data details and find a variety of statistical analysis reports.

At present, Tradedataeasy can provide trade statistics data covering 20 countries in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Oceania, to help you achieve your orders, increase market share or find new customers, monitor your competitors and peers. Our customs data can satisfy your demands on many aspects.

Visual Customs Data

Save 70% labor costs and increase sales opportunities by 20 times

  •   Easy to configure and customize
  •   Download or print data
  •   Include import and export transactions of global countries
  •   Intelligent retrieval technology and summary analysis function
  •   Rapid locking the most accessible trade market
  •   Find high quality customers
  •   Master purchasing raw of customers
Updated Import and Export Trade Data Online

Report Analysis Service

International business intelligence data platform has several characters such as simple interface, simple operation, rapid search, powerful functions, etc.. It is committed to providing timely, comprehensive and accurate trade information for domestic international trade companies, helping companies to quickly and accurately position the market and target target customers. At the same time, it can monitor and evaluate the target customers so as to reduce trade risks and find matching buyers.

Discover New Market Opportunities
Discover New Market Opportunities

BY obtaining a macro report, you can open a new market, find a new business growth method, improve your salesmen’ performance and position new sales markets.

Tradedataeasy provides information about 15630 different buyers and 28000000 kinds of goods from 200 countries and regions. It dynamically records the transaction details of each single import and export goods and provides detailed information about overseas buyers, import scale, etc. in real time.

Find New Buyers And Providers

Enter the product name you are interested in in the search box, then you will view accurately, completely, timely and authentic importers information registered in the customs of the local country, including the purchase cycle, suppliers and other transaction details.

  •   Identify trade partners.
  •   Get the address and contact of the buyer and seller.
  •   Obtain the transaction information of the buyer and seller.
  •   Online manage and maintain customers.
Find New Buyers And Providers
Monitor Trade Trend Of Competitors
Monitor Trade Trend Of Competitors

To monitor your peers from all aspects and make accurate analysis of the amount, quantity, and average price of your peers' goods exported to each country.

To track the latest shipments of peers, grasp price, quantity and exporting region changes of peers exports, and compare them with yourself situation to identify the gaps between you and your competitors as well as your future developing directions and improve the competitiveness of the enterprises.

Foreign trade data in 20 countries

Tradedataeasy provides the customs data of 20 countries, Including import and export customs data from the United States, China, Russia and India. which can help foreign trade enterprises obtain timely and accurate data and quickly obtain information on global market transactions.

International Import and Export Commodity Trade

Tradedataeasy’s data can accurately determine specific transaction products, total transaction volume, and the trading cycle of peers and customers.

International trade statistics 2016-2018

We can precisely analyse the target buyers’ business scope, provide expansive products scope, and improve your transaction probability.

Official Source Export and Import Statistics

Trade data is authentic and all from the national customs. It offers valuable data that most foreign companies are interested in. It accurately documents transaction records of each buyer.

Exports of goods and services

You can obtain overseas buyers’ information and learn more about one buyer’s import purchasing habits. You can accurately find high quality buyers and timely understand their procurement need.