Role of Customs Data Played in Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is a fast growing industry with new products appearing every day. We know it’s vital to stay a step ahead. Tradedataeasy’s customs data provides a real-time view of global chemical products’ trade records including goods desc, quantity, amount, origin country/destination country as well as suppliers and purchasers.

Seek New Suppliers

Find suppliers of products including pesticides, medicines, plastics/polymers, cosmetics, adhesives, etc, understand the export of suppliers. Check which country your suppliers are importing from.

Monitor Product Source

Monitoring global buyers, sellers and your partners and competitors by our data, then you can make proper growth and profitability strategies, you can get export and import competitive intelligence sourcing.

Supply Chain Optimization

Through the customs import and export data sourcing from 20 countries’ customs data, you can monitor buyers, products, market trends and product demand changes, so as to get 80% market profits with only 20% effort.

Monitor Product Demand

Data reports point out supply and demand changes in the market, helping you capture market opportunities. By comparing and analyzing trade flows, the data helps maximize your profits by saving import duties.

Customs Data

Hscode : 28321000

Date2016-12 Hscode28321000
Goods Desc钠的亚硫酸盐 Company Name中盐安徽红四方股份有限公司
View details柬埔寨 Fob Value15180
Quantity48000 Fob Unit0.32
Company Code3401910198 Product Place安徽省合肥其他
Start Port南京海关 Transitcountry柬埔寨
Trade Method一般贸易 Trans Type江海运输
Measureunits千克 Phone0551-3515015-
FaxN/A Zip230022
Company Property国有企业 Address合肥市祁门路12号

Hscode : 29061310

Date2016-05 Hscode29061310
Goods Desc固醇 Company Name浙江新和成股份有限公司
Origin Country新加坡 Cif Value474000
Quantity6000 Cif Unit79
Company Code3306957126 Product Place浙江省绍兴
Trade Method一般贸易 Transitcountry新加坡
End Port杭州海关 Trans Type江海运输
Measureunits公斤 Phone0575 6124476
Fax0575 6124476 Zip312500
EmailN/A Contact胡柏藩
Company Property集体企业 Address浙江省新昌县城关镇江北路4号

Hscode : 29072300

Date2016-07 Hscode29072300
Goods Desc4 4 -异亚丙基联苯酚 双酚A 而苯基酚丙烷 及 Company Name上海高航实业有限公司
Origin Country台澎金马关税区 Cif Value572914
Quantity510000 Cif Unit1.12
Company Code3122430139 Product Place上海市外高桥保税区
Trade Method特殊监管区域物流货物 Transitcountry台澎金马关税区
End Port上海海关 Trans Type江海运输
Measureunits千克 Phone58662050
Fax58662050 Zip200131
EmailN/A Contact章礼胜
Company Property中外合资企业 Address中国上海外高桥保税区华申路80号

Customs Data Provides Competitive Advantages in the Chemical Industry

Trade Analysis
Personalized and Customized Service

Our cooperation plan is the best for we offer customized data according to each user’s different requirement.

Export Trade Data
Excellent Technical Team

The core members of our technical team have 10 years’ working experience in the development of customs data systems.

Import Trade Data
Authentic and authoritative Data

The data is derived from raw, aggregated customs data to ensure that each data output is real and authoritative.

Customs Data
Self-developed Customs Data System

The customs data system used by Tradedataeasy is uniquely developed by our own professional technical team and it never copies companies’ product copyright.

foreign trade experience
Professional Customer Service Expert

Our customer service department has been engaged in the foreign trade industry for many years and we combine the data with our foreign trade experience to serve you well.

Shipment Data
Dedicated Team

The data processing department strictly abides by our promise that our data is first processed and delivered. The customer service department is always ready to answer any customer's call and solve the customer's problem.